Information Technology Governance

Executive Technology Committee (ETC)

The Executive Technology Committee (ETC) reviews countywide IT project status, recommends project priorities, funding, countywide policies/standards, and discusses new IT initiatives. Members of the ETC are appointed by the County Executive and currently include: Assistant County Executive Officer; Chief Deputy County Executive for Internal Services Departments; Chief Information Officer; Department Directors from Municipal Services, Countywide Services and Internal Services; the Undersheriff; and County Counsel. The ETC meets quarterly and is chaired by the County Executive.

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

The CIO is responsible for Sacramento County’s strategic use of technology, managing the Department of Technology and working closely with County departments to implement IT systems that improve business processes and enhance citizen services. The CIO reviews the acquisition of IT services and systems for consistency with established standards, and works with the County Executive’s Office to secure funding for IT projects.

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

The purpose of the TAG is to coordinate the County IT projects, focus on priorities established by the ETC and advise the CIO in developing countywide IT policies and standards. Members of the TAG include: IT Division Chiefs, IT Managers, and departmental managers responsible for IT. The TAG meets monthly and is chaired by the CIO.

COMPASS Steering Committee (CSC)

The purpose of the CSC is to make policy decisions regarding the use of the ERP system, set priorities for implementing changes, communicate policies and decisions countywide, and obtain the resources needed to accomplish the COMPASS mission. Members of the CSC include: Chief Deputy for the Internal Services departments; Department Directors of Personnel Services; Finance and General Services; or their designees. The CSC meets quarterly and is chaired by the CIO.

Geographical Information System (GIS) Steering Committee

Under the direction of the CIO, the GIS Steering Committee recommends policies and provides guidance for the application of geographic information systems technology in Sacramento County. The committee advocates for shared resources, coordinated integration and delivery of geographic information in order to provide superior service to County departments and constituents.  The GIS Steering Committee meets quarterly and membership is open to all departments.